Home improvement


Whether you’re renovating your home because it’s too expensive to move, or you’ve only just bought the place and you’re keen to make your mark, it’s important to stick to jobs that will add value rather than risk reducing its future sale price.

Before you embark on improving your home, follow our tips to help make sure you focus on jobs that will add value if and when you come to sell:

Check your deeds
There may be restrictions on what you can do and you may need planning permission – especially if the changes affect a boundary or your property’s external appearance.

Avoid removing bedrooms
You may want to knock down a wall and convert that box bedroom into a large ensuite, but a three-bedroom semi-detached is naturally going to sell for more than a two-bed.

Be commercially-minded
Consider the neighbourhood you live in and the types of buyers likely to want to live there. Spending money re-landscaping your garden and laying turf and borders may not appeal to a younger professional couple who just want low-maintenance outside space for entertaining.

Avoid personalisation
Unless you are prepared to redecorate when you come to sell, try and use neutral colours on walls and doors. You can always introduce bold, bright or dark colours in soft furnishings and ornaments to achieve the effect you want.

Check the paperwork
If you’re looking at a bigger undertaking such as converting your loft into a bedroom, make sure you have the correct paperwork and certification, otherwise the money you spend may not be realised in the sale price.

Hire a professional
Avoid a DIY disaster by only taking on projects you are confident you can complete.

Check your policy
If you’re going to make any major changes to your home you should contact your buildings and contents insurance provider first to avoid unintentionally invalidating your policy. And make sure your policy covers you for accidental damage caused during your DIY efforts.

Top 10 DIY nightmares:
1. Woodchip wallpaper
2. Mirrored ceilings
3. Carpeted bathrooms
4. Ugly blinds
5. Fake beams
6. Outside toilet
7. Artex ceilings
8. Internal stone cladding
9. Beaded curtains in doorways
10. External stone cladding
Top 10 DIY dreams:
1. Interior redecoration
2. Flooring replaced
3. New bathroom
4. Garden makeover
5. New kitchen
6. New boiler/ central heating system
7. Double glazing / new windows
8. New shed or garden building
9. Exterior redecoration
10. Better insulation

If you’re looking to fund your home renovations please speak to us for advice.