Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Income and Accident Protection

Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Income and Accident Protection


These are challenging times for us all and we are all being affected in many different ways. We also understand how stressful and concerned some you may be feeling at the moment.

Firstly I hope that you and those close to you are healthy and safe. Times like these are a stark reminder of what is most important and taking care of the well-being of our families and our community is our shared and first priority.

Also, as a protection client, I want to assure you that, providing you have paid your monthly premiums with your insurer, the cover we arranged remains in place and the terms of it are unaffected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The insurers we recommend are some of the very best in the market and whilst they are no doubt facing significant operational challenges, I know they will be doing their utmost to support clients.

We are already seeing insurers are changing their products and underwriting stances in response to the Coronavirus, which will impact on anyone seeking to purchase protection, so whatever you do, keep your existing plan(s) in place! But, if you believe your plan is no longer right for you, please speak to us before taking any action.

If you have missed any payments or cancelled a policy in the last few weeks, give us a call, and we’ll do what we can to get you financially protected again.

Support Services
Most of the insurers I recommend offer some valuable support services that often get forgotten about. I’ve listed some below, which may be useful to you. Clearly, the services provided differ between insurers and from one plan to another, so please do refer to your policy documentation to confirm exactly what is available to you. If you are unsure I’ll be happy to help.

  • Aviva: Bupa Anytime Healthline – giving clients the opportunity to speak to a Bupa nurse.
  • Guardian: GP24/7 – this feature gives policy holders GP consultation from their phone, tablet or PC.
  • Legal & General: GP24 – a chargeable option that may have been added when setting up a policy which gives access to a GP over the phone or via a webcam
  • LV=: Doctor Services provided by SquareHealth, giving clients the ability to book an online appointment up to 5 times a year.
  • MetLife: The MultiProtect policy (since February 2018) allows immediate 24 hour access to MetLife’s Wellbeing Support Centre – to get support on physical, mental and financial wellbeing.
  • The Exeter: Offers members their Healthwise App to book phone or video GP consultations, meaning they don’t have to leave home.
  • Vitality: GP access via telephone for all clients, including health and protection.
  • Zurich: Support Services package offers free and confidential health and wellbeing advice, allowing clients access to a counselling service to discuss a wide range of issues for peace of mind.

I’d stress that if you are concerned about, or have symptoms relating to Coronavirus, you should contact the NHS online to ensure up to date guidance by going to

Making a Claim
All of our protection providers have published Coronavirus guidance on their websites. We recommend that you read the guidance for your particular insurer so you are clear on their position given the current circumstances.

If you do want more information or are unfortunate enough to need to make a claim, the links and contact details below may save you time:

Aviva: More information here»
Claims:0800 015 1142

Guardian:More information here»
Claims:0808 173 1821

Legal & General: More information here»
Claims:0800 068 0789

LV=: More information here»
Claims: 0800 756 5869

MetLife: More information here»
Claims: 0800 917 1333

The Exeter:More information here»
Claims:0300 123 3201

Vitality: More information here»
Claims: 0345 601 0072

Zurich: More information here»
Claims:0370 241 6980

Changes to how we work

It is our responsibility to support the continuation of good health across our community, while providing you with the support you need. So, we have taken the following steps within our practice to preserve our availability and service to you (add wording as appropriate, for example: We will no longer be conducting any face-to-face meetings for the forseeable future and will contact you by telephone or email to arrange a suitable alternative such as video conferencing or a telephone call)

The challenges we currently face will pass, and our main hope is that our team here, our clients and our communities emerge in health and strength.

I hope that the above is helpful and ideally you won’t need to make use of it, but if you do fall ill or need broader support, the information could be invaluable. Do get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of protection, or the wider impacts of the Coronavirus on your financial position. We are here for you now just to talk.